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Mayor Anthony DiCicco is committed to continuing to build a bright future for Mayfield Heights. First elected to Council in 2007, Anthony was appointed Mayor in February 2013 and in November of that year, the residents overwhelmingly voted to retain him as Mayor. In addition to his job as Mayor, Anthony works for DiCicco and Sons Funeral Home, a business located in Mayfield Heights started by his grandparents in 1924.

Anthony, his wife Jennifer and children Anthony, Gianna and Nicholas have lived on Stafford Dr. in Mayfield Heights for over 25 years.

Anthony's efforts to preserve the small town charm of Mayfield Heights while embracing a vision for the future is paying off. Over his career, he has worked hard to grow a robust business community, support and improve vibrant neighborhoods and provide high quality services to all residents. As Mayor, he will continue build on his accomplishments.

Creating Sustainable Economic Development

Under Anthony’s direction, Mayfield Heights’ financial situation has become the envy of other communities across Northeast Ohio. Anthony will continue to embrace new initiatives and identify new opportunities to remain economically competitive while preserving the quality of life valued by the residents. He has overseen:

  • Development of Strategic Plan for Mayfield Road and the implementation of the Commercial Corridor Design Manual, a complement to the City's current Planning and Zoning Code. This Manual promotes a more pedestrian friendly and green corridor along our signature road. It takes into account the more up to date approaches in planning and design and ensures the vitality of our thriving retail corridor.
  • Work to create and retain good paying jobs in Mayfield Heights with the Job Retention and Creation Grant program that offers incentives to eligible businesses that create new, full-time or full-time equivalent jobs.
  • Attraction of popular new business including: Fresh Thyme Market, Winking Lizard, Ashley Home Store, Laser Spine Institute, Big Boy and the soon to open-Chik-fil-A.
  • Opening of 90 new businesses since 2014.
  • Creation of an Economic Development Office within the existing administration structure, dedicated to preserving and growing our retail and corporate assets.

Maintaining Vibrant Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods are the backbone of our city: they are the key to retaining current residents and attracting new residents and businesses looking to open or relocate. Mayor DiCicco has worked tirelessly to implement a proactive strategy to preserve quality housing while responding to changing market demands for more housing choices, for all ages and household sizes.

  • Increased residential inspections, citations and convictions for housing violations including the inspection of over 2500 homes since 2014.
  • Promotion of the Heritage Home Program which provides fixed-rate, low interest loans for maintaining and improving older homes with free technical advice.
  • Increased demolition of foreclosed houses.
  • 50 new homes built since 2014.
  • New luxury home development, Bridgeport, at the old Locus Grove golf course.

Providing Quality Services

As Mayor, Anthony has devoted himself to seeing that Mayfield Heights provides consistent, quality services to all its residents. From police, fire and EMS services to the weekly routine of trash pickup, he has overseen the maintenance and improvement of the wide range of services provided to residents.

  • Successful reintroduction of curbside recycling
  • Improved senior services through Community Partnership on Aging (during tenure as Mayor-check) (Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program) including the introduction of the CARE Program which offers, at a cost, the services of volunteers to help senior citizens care for their homes, inside and out.
  • Improved communication between the city and residents through increased use of social media including Facebook, Twitter and a newly designed website.

We hope you will join us in supporting Mayor DiCicco to lead us for the next four years as we work together to build a bright future for our community.



Election day is November 7th. If you're voting early please remember to have your ballot postmarked on or by November 6.


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